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Ole Brown Trout

Sun, fishing, and beer.  They all go together real well.  Maybe throw in a few other items of choice, and it’s hard to beat a good summer day in Montana.  A few evenings ago Travis and I decided to hit up some smaller water and see if we could find a trout to snipe.  No sooner had we pulled into our parking spot and there were already fish rising within sight.  We tied on some tiny dries and started wading upstream.  After failing to connect on a few rising fish we soon moved to the next bend and sat and waited to see the next nose break the surface.  After 15 minutes of imagining rising fish, the silence was broken by a wild thrash on the surface.  A few minutes later and another hit.  We had a target.  After about 6 casts he took my green drake, and immediately I knew I had a nice slab on the other end.  After a few jumps and a long stay on the bottom, Travis netted my largest brown and on a dry to boot.

brown trout, bitteroot river, mt, montana wild, fly fishing, huge browns, green drake, dry flies, echo, nikon d7000

I was pumped up.  To top it off the camera was rolling, and I think we got some quality footage.  He definitely filled the net up and it was difficult to even grab him with one hand.  It’s been a very long time since I’ve landed a fish over 18″ (the Missouri doesn’t count) on a dry.  Last summer seemed to sneer in our faces as we struggled to find any solid fish during the summer months.  Hopefully this is a good sign of things to come this summer.

brown trout, bitteroot river, mt, montana wild, fly fishing, huge browns, green drake, dry flies, echo, nikon d7000

We’ll be back home on the lake for the weekend and no fishing is planned for a little while but we’ll be back after it soon enough.  We’re banking on the fishing really being off the charts in a few weeks and we plan on getting out with the camera and hopefully cranking out an edit in the near future.


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Carbon Express Arrows

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Trout and Mud Monday

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Fishing the Rock

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Lately we have been busy filming a bunch for a short film, so today we finally decided to take a break.  We called up local fishing legend Ian Orlando and headed out to the Rock.

We haven’t been on this creek since pre-runoff 2011, so most of the holes we used to love and cherish have disappeared.  Today was a day to explore and hopefully find some good pockets of fish.  While the water looked good, the fishing was slow.  I was able to get a few to eat but the good ones spit the hook.

We headed upriver in search of some new water and found a hole that looked fishy.  Ian and I decided to play a game of FISH, and we both did well under pressure.  Multiple rainbows and white dogs were fooled in this single hole.  We didn’t really have rules, other than you had to catch a fish in less casts than the person before hand.

We left the remaining fish in the hole to rest in peace.  After hiking upriver a good mile, we found nothing but flat water.  We jumped in the Dodge and took the icy roads south.  Along the way we managed to plow through some impressive puddles, which the Dodge handled like a champ.  Our next fishing access was semi-ice covered, but looked like a fun/dangerous challenge.

The trout were being picky, but one hungry white dog made his way onto the ice.   Not much to complain about when your fishing in pure sunshine and 50 degree weather in March! The fishing can only get better.